This year marks exactly 20 years from the date of release Apraxia "Ideology" album, which specifically marked the ideological positions of the band and became a cult among listeners and followers. In honor of this event, the material was reissued on the well-known Polish label Lower Silesian Stronghold in an excellent and high-quality 6-panel digipack format with an improved design. But that's not all... For true connoisseurs and collectors, a strictly limited part of the circulation will be distributed in wooden oak boxes with engraving. Support the twenty years Ideology! 


Der Szwarze Tod and COD label and distribution present a reissue of the cult album "Hymns Of Dark Forests" - one of the best works of the era of the formation of the Slavic pagan metal scene. The creation, which once set new standards of quality for the underground and has become a symbol of the Apraxia band, returns in a completely updated form. The hymns of victory, which formed the ideology of the Belarusian formation and indicated the way to the comrades-in-arms, are again calling for war.


"A fire started in our souls, blades washed in blood - the Solar Cross rose, lighting our way to the Victory!"

16 years have passed since the release of the album "Ideology"... Let everyone remember that moment when a new edition appeared in his hands - this cover, lyrics, music. Someone was perplexed, someone was indignant, but the main thrust of the band achieved its goal - to make people think, search and learn the truth. Subsequent concert events, interviews and new releases summed up what was said in the album "Ideology", forming on its foundation a monument of Honor and Fidelity. Let everyone remember what impact this album had on him, what ideals he chose and who he is now!  

After many years, the album is remastered and re-released by the combined efforts of Last Round Records and Der Schwarze Tod Records.

Go back and remember your thoughts and feelings!


We proudly present the long-awaited joint release APRAXIA TRIBUTE - "14 1 / 2 years of struggle against ...". We are grateful to everyone who took part in this project - bands, labels, and all those who helped in word and deed! Glory!


Descendants of White Conquerors from the Land of Quetzalcoatl Witchcraft Records re-released cult album Apraxia - "Kolovrat"


Devoted to 15th anniversary of APRAXIA.

Plans: Preparation and Release of "Tribute to Apraxia". Those who go hand in hand with the music and the ideology of Apraxia and those who want to commemorate the band, write to a fan-club mail with pointing those compositions that you would like to replay


Welcome all comrades!!! We are glad to present you a new informational resource APRAXIA - cult NS Pagan War Metal band from Belarus. Though the band stopped its music career some years ago but its music, lyrics and ideology remain actual today and will be actual always! APRAXIA did not participate in many concerts; it rarely performed on Belorussian stages. APRAXIA did not give beautiful senseless and complementary interviews as other did, but all those other bands mentioned APRAXIA in different forms and they had a reason for that. APRAXIA did what it had to do and like “a thunder in the clean sky” it gave a new material to spite all the hostiles. Unique musical style, massive ideological propaganda are united by the spirit of the motherland. All that evoked only positive reviews among comrades at different levels. Their truth attracted new and new followers and strengthened positions of old ones and very easily made hostiles and enemies of our life philosophy. The enemies creaked the teeth and slinged mud at them in third rated magazines and newspapers. You do not have to look for reasons of APRAXIA success. Sincerity of feelings, love to the motherland, and dedication to the business this mixture gave a music-ideological format under the name of APRAXIA. Ukrainians have Nokturnal Mortum, Russians have Temnozor, Poles have Graveland, German have Absurd, Norwegians have Burzum and Byelorussians have APRAXIA. The band gave to us 6 amazing albums. All of the albums are different musically and poetically but at the same time they are united by one chain in which every link has its own function and the right place being the follower of the old one and the predecessor of the new one. The band was growing, developing and progressing. In the lyrics of the band different images are interconnected: extolling of great warriors and heroes, admiring of nature and its beauty, memories about history, culture and life philosophy, praising of our ancestors, the great people, and meetings with severe realities of a modern life and fight for true values. This is all about APRAXIA. Even hard days and enemies attacks could not break the band. The highly erected banner APRAXIA could proudly carry through all the difficulties and pass it to the hands of its followers and like-minded people. The voice of the Earth, Ancestors and People was heard. The way was shown. This is our way that lives in our hearts together with the music of APRAXIA!

To conclude everything, APRAXIA is worth of attention and glory! The band can not but be presented to the internet as the most mass source of information. Here you can find all the information about the band: discography, lyrics and etc. You will be able to share your opinion in a guest book, go to other bands pages with the help of references. This resource is made for present and future comrades, for people and youngsters particularly, for those who care about the great history, the great land, and the great people. Choose the right way!

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