Apraxia appeared between 1995-1996. The permanent members of the band are: Vocalist A, Bass guitar player S.K., Guitar player S.G. In 1996 two more musicians joined them. It was a guitar player Yurij and a drummer Oleg. This year the band released the first demo "Return to Ancient" containing a lot of disputed moments that marked the style of the band as Pagan Metal with Folk elements. Later on the band began an active artistic career. Published in 1997 concert demo "Live in Gardariket" marked the bands ideological concept more concrete, and with the album release in 1998 "Hymns of Dark Forests" the members of the band claimed about their adherence to the Right Movement . In 1999 a new album "Ideology" appeared containing a radical material, after which the band started to be suppressed by the Mass-media. In the end of 1999 Yurij and Oleg left the band and a new guitar player I came to the band. After long searchers they could not find a new drummer. In 2001 a new mini-album "Blood & Soil" was realised. After several radical actions and open spreading of their beliefs, concert organizers and distributors started to suppress and ban the band. Between 2002-2003 the last album "Kolovrat" was released. The album was planned to see the light 2 years before, but could not because of the governmental pressure on the band. At the beginning of 2003 the band had to change its music style and the artistic name into "Molat" under which it still actively continues its music and concert activity. 

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